Kilde: Bjarne Riiser Gundersen, Bjørn Gabrielsen og Guri Dahl: Elevator, Fretex 100 år i Norge, Forlaget Press. 2018!
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    strict Norwegian border regulations, which allow a maximum of 200 cigarettes or 250g of tobacco, 1 litre of hard alcohol and.5L of wine and 2L of beer OR 3L

    of wine and 2L of beer OR 5L of beer. Most public libraries have free public access to the internet, but a limited number of computers and limited opening hours. In some parts of Norway, the next gas station might be more than 100km away; a small village doesn't always have a gas station even if nyheter it is remotely located. Lofoten - Experience the midnight sun in this traditional fishing district in the northern province with islands and mountains. On Christmas Eve julekveld "julaften New Years Eve nyttårsaften Holy Saturday påskeaften and Saturday before Pentecost pinseaften shops close early. Stay healthy edit vikarbyrå The water quality and distribution in Norway is excellent and tap water is always drinkable (except on boats, trains etc). Bodø - The gateway to the magnificent Lofoten islands and Saltstraumen, the worlds strongest maelstrom Kristiansand - The jolly capital of the South Stavanger - The fourth largest city, and the third largest urban area. Unlike much of Continental Europe, Norway does not have a high speed rail system, except for the route between Oslo and its airport. Norway Travel Guide 24 provides detailed information on everything relating to travelling in Norway and services with great value and insider tips on what to do and see while in Norway They offer you to contact with locals all over Norway who can help you. At the Oslo end of the journey, the terminal is located at Hjortneskai, which is just west of the city centre. By thumb edit Hitchhiking in Norway is best on the the routes from Oslo-Trondheim (E6 Oslo-Kristiansand (E18) and Kristiansand-Stavanger (E39). Other notable mentions are Lysefjord, Oslofjord, and Sognefjord. Spring in Norway is quite intense due to the abundance of water (melting snow) in conjunction with plenty of sunlight and quickly rising temperatures (typically in May). While technically it's not legal to park overnight on the roadside or in rest areas, the practice is so common that it seems to be unenforced. This is due to the strict nature of money transactions. Climate edit See also Winter in Scandinavia. Note however that the importance of the road does indicate quality: even the E's may have narrow and slow sections. Both growth and decay is extremely slow here, so all activity is under management. Det første Home-Start kontoret i Norge åpnet i 1995 i Trondheim, nå er det over 36 avdelinger rundt i landet. Cases where foreign cars incur unpaid tolls are pursued by Europe-wide toll collection companies. For example, do not approach a glacier front, big waves on the coast, or a big waterfall unless you know what you're doing, and do not walk on glaciers without proper training and equipment. In smaller towns the police will have no problem giving you a night in the local jail if they think you are disrupting peace and order. You can buy a Norwegian Rail Pass or the equivalent InterRail One Country Pass to travel cheap by train through Norway. Please see the article Travel in the Schengen Zone for more information about how the scheme works and what entry requirements are. Some are of the "industrial" variety (hundreds of vans, spotless facilities, very straight paths, gravel, not grass, keypads to enter, lots of strict rules, right beside the highway and others are more. By car edit It is possible to enter by road from Sweden, Finland, or Russia. It is customary to thank the cook for the food takk for maten in a private home. Some Norwegians drink straight from streams when hiking, but periodic outbreaks of Tularemia makes this a bit risky. That can lead to akward situations. From Poland to Norway, Nor Way offers good and cheap services. Even in the most remote mountain cabins, as long as they are staffed, you will usually be able to send a postcard.

    Some mountain passes, hot showers pay per minute mostlyflat ground and some are more equipped buy fresh food. Subsisting on under NOK500day will be difficult even if you uio spesialpedagogikk stay in hostels and selfcater. Notably the major chains Narvesen and Mix all over the country Deli de Luca Oslo. For instance E6 is the main northsouth corridor from Sweden via Oslo to Kirkenes in the very east of Northern Norway. For more information check each operatorapos.

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    Many modern martine cellphones have conversion programmes which can be used to understand the metric system. Snow and ice can stay a bokdag long time on lesser used roads. But you have no obligation. And steep roads need only a little ice to become difficult. You can buy special tick tweezers from the pharmacy that can be used to remove a tick safely if you happen to get bitten. Cycling routes exist usually near bigger cities.

    Avoid criticising the country or the culture.Det er også et ønske om å etablere et nettverksbyggende lavterskel tilbud for barnefamilier og/eller ungdom i «risikosonen» på 10 steder i Norge.