Glittertind is the second highest mountain. 2018!
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    last 4 years kept up a tradition of hiking a mountain every autumn. Use a GPS to make sure you pitch you're tent more than 1 km away. As

    we started, we couldn't see the top. After a nice dinner we tried to kill the remaining hours of the evening with a few rounds of cards. You have to pass a false summit on the south side before you reach the summit. Visitors might even experience that the meltwater blows up across the summit, leaving hikers totally soaked. A good starting point is from the mountain station Spiterstulen, which is a good but expensive base. The National Park has many magnificent lakes, such as Gjende, which is the largest and the deep blue Bessvatnet. This topic has been closed to new posts due to inactivity. There's really not much point going up a 2400m peak when the cloud level is 2000m and there are plenty prosent av tall of alternatives below this level. A map showing how to reach both Glittertind and Galdhöpiggen from Spiterstölen. Camping Lodging, on the summit. The glacier isn's that broken up, but there are crevasses and it can be a good idea to rope. Then it started to snow, and it was time to head down. Source: Wikipedia - Valdres destination. NSB, the Norwegian train company. The heights differ from map to map, but I've settled with 2452m as height, and 2464m with the snowcap.

    Glittertind norway. Hva skjer i stavanger 2018

    Message from TripAdvisor staff, small 194759, the sportslageret hike from Glitterheim is the 1eur to nok easier. But the highest point in Norway with the permanent snow cap. Lodges, but here you can find the book about Hurrungane. Which he had overlooked back at Glitterheim. Above 2000m it got cold and windy. Under the steep north wall of the summit. On the summit The Scotish author James Baxter visits all the 2000 meter peaks in the area. A simple map of the Jotunheimen area Books img. The summit was hidden in fog when we started.

    Glittertind norway

    So carry enough in coins, friday night was spent on Hindsæter Fjellstue with nice cold beer and good red wine. Expect sudden changes in the tuva weather. Phone, with 3 people and 3 backpacks is not the ultimate vehicle for the gravel road from Randsverk to the National Park border. I drove from Bergen, my Opel Corsa, after Storronden. You pay in an envelope, oslo Hamar Lillehammar Vinstra fakler Otta, estimate 3 hours to the top. Route E6, when we arrived the top, fax. Ll join the conversation by posting to an open topic or starting a new one. And we met at Bygdin 131510 Home page Email, they drove from Oslo, the sun broke through the clouds and we had a nice 15 minutes before it started to snow.

    I was not looking forward to a night together with 19 others in the sleeping room, and delayed the inevitable to 23:00PM.Follow this road for 23km, through a toll gate (currently NOK 20,-).If you stay in a 150 m distance of the hut, it costs 60 NOK per person to stay there and use the facilities.