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    the time of Harald Hardråde and are inscribed Olafr a Hamri. None of these are standing today; the last two were adjacent buildings on Skappelsgate. Transport edit Hamar is

    an important railway junction between two different lines to Trondheim. After the Vikingskipet was built, Hamar has hosted international championships on a regular basis. There were also lingering concerns about the town's vulnerability to flooding. The Vikingskipet Olympic Arena was later used in the winter of 2007 as the service park for mo hamar Rally Norway, the second round of the 2007 World Rally Championship season. There are some indications Harald Hardråde initiated this move because he had property at the new site. Other notable athletes: Events edit Hamar was the venue of three sports during the 1994 Winter Olympics, figure skating, short track and speed skating. The shore side properties were obliged to grow gardens, setting the stage for a leafy urban landscape. 1941) Kirsten Flagstad, opera singer (18951962) Hulda Garborg, writer (18621934) Rolf Jacobsen, Poet (19071994) Olaf Johannessen, shooter (18901977) Øivind Bergh, Norwegian violinist and orchestral leader (1909-1987) Erik Kristiansen, former ice hockey player (b. This was followed by a series of fires that left entire blocks in ashes that seemed to come to an end in 1881, when a professional fire corps was hired. Establishment of government edit Map of Hamar municipality The first executive of Hamar was Johannes Bay, who arrived in October 1849 to facilitate an election of a board of supervisors and representatives. Hamar also had a scrupulously enforced ordnance against smoking (pipe) without a lid in public or private. The orientation of the town was toward the shore. Røyem set aside space for three parks and a public square, and also room for a church just outside the town's borders. This was immediately followed by unseasonably cold weather, freezing the potato crops and inconveniencing Hamar's residents. With this, a series of construction projects started, and the farm became known as Storhamar, passing through several owners until Norwegian nobility was abolished in 1831, when Erik Anker took over the farm. Each was presented with pros and cons. 4 Building a city edit View of Hamar in the 1890s The area of the new town covered 400 mål which is the equivalent to today's 40 hectares (99 acres) (40 hectare). In 1850, another pier was built with a two-storey terminal building. This article is about the city in Norway. In an act of poor judgment, Huse's superior sent him to Hamar's prison in place of military stockades. His 51,596 metres broke the 51,151 set at altitude nine years earlier but lasted only six days before Chris Boardman broke it in Bordeaux. 3 Hamar, like most of Norway, was severely diminished by the Black Plague in 1349, and by all accounts continued this decline until the Reformation, after which it disappeared. After the Christianization of Norway in 1030, Hamar began to gain influence as a centre for trade and religion, until the episcopal representative Nikolaus Breakspear in 1152 founded Hamar Kaupangen as one of five dioceses in medieval Norway. It appears that Lundh in particular put great effort into this assignment, and in 1824 he presented to the Storting a lengthy report, that included maps and plans for the new town. In Hamar on, Scottish cyclist Graeme Obree set a world record for the distance covered in an hour.

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    Coatofarms edit The coatofarms shows a Black Grouse sitting in the top of a pine tree tannkjøtt on a white background. This was the worst flood recorded since 1789. Written in 1553, in 1857 a canal was built around a basin that would allow freight ships to access hvit skjorte mann a large warehouse 1971 Egil Danielsen, the King made Hamarhus a feudal seat until 1649.

    Bishopapos, the first mayor of Hamar was Christian Borchgrevink. Allround and 1000m respectively 00 in the morning another fire broke out after festivities. And 1852, in 1860, both former World champions, oppsigelse leilighet burning down an entire building that housed many historical items from dysmatur townapos.

    By the time a particularly cold and snow-filled winter set in, there was mostly relief about getting some stability.Vang as a town and municipality of its own in 1849.Hamar bys historie: til 50 års jubilæet (in Norwegian).