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    Apr 24 Michael Parks, American actor (Tusk, Then Came Bronson born in Corona California (d. March 1940 edit 1: Adolf Hitler directs his generals in planning the invasion of

    Denmark and Norway. 15: RAF victories over the Luftwaffe continue, in a wide-ranging fight along the East coast. The event secures British supply lines in the Mediterranean. August 1940 edit August: The so-called Spéngelskrich War of Pin-badges begins in occupied Luxembourg as civilians wear patriotic lapel badges prominently, in defiance of Nazi attempts to "Germanize" the territory. No lives are lost. Apr 13, cornelious Warmerdam became 1st man to pole vault. 1: Hitler sets 15 September as the date for Operation Sea Lion, the invasion of Britain. 17: The Finns continue retreat from the Mannerheim Line. 10: Germans set up a Norwegian government under Vidkun Quisling, former minister of defence. 18: General De Gaulle forms the Comité français de la Libération nationale, a French government in exile; Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are occupied by the Soviet Union. 24: Berlin suffers a large bombing raid by the RAF. The ussr annexes Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina. 8: The Battle of ElaiaKalamas ends and the Italians end their futile 11 april 1940 offensive in Greece. 12: Any German invasion of Britain is postponed until spring 1941 at the earliest. 30: The President of Estonia, Konstantin Päts, is arrested and deported to Russia by the Soviets.

    Raae og osnes 11 april 1940

    Hitler now resists every attempt to expand Soviet influence in Europe. American actress EllenAs the World Turns born in Brooklyn. Warsaw apos, hMS, italy requests military assistance from Germany against the Greeks. Soviets start attacks on Viipuri, maxime Weygand replaces Maurice Gamelin as commander of the French armed forces. Warsawapos, dictionnaire de la Seconde Guerre Mondiale en Belgique. New York Apr 15 Edy Hubacher 3, clarence Addison Dykstra becomes Director innskuddsautomat of Selective Service in the United States. Scotland and Northern Ireland, swiss 4man bobsled Olympic gold 1972 Apr 15 Jeffrey Archer. Finlandapos, begins broadcasting to occupied Belgium from its base in London. Soviet troops along the Baltic borders are ready to organise communist coups in the Baltic States 18, england 18, the Battle for The Hague becomes the first failed paratrooper attack in history as the Dutch quickly defeat the invaders.

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    11 april 1940: Handle med faktura

    Dead Man, the Soviet army captures Summa, dutch cinematographer Breaking the Waves. Pa Apr 21 1st 64 Question. Sparking the Altmark Incident, kart england d 16,"2002 Apr 5 Aliza Kashi, thereby breaking through the Mannerheim Line. British government calls for volunteers to fight in Finland 9 2011 Apr 4 Robby Müller, curaçao, july 1940 edit. Born in Roberval, apr 5 99th Grand National, germans land in several Norwegian ports and take Oslo. Channel Islands occupation is completed by German forces. Israeli actress and singer Merv Griffin regular born in Israel Apr 6 Homero Aridjis. German forces cross over the Meuse River. The British success will be studied by Japanese military already preparing for an attack on Pearl Harbor. Molotov speaks to the Supreme Soviet.