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    last election took place in September 2011, when Rune Øygard was reelected as mayor, after having served since 1995. They are based on a character in Henrik Ibsen 's

    book Peer Gynt, who rides on a reindeer bull over the Besseggen mountains. King Olaf remained there five days, summoning the residents of Vågå, Lom, and Heidal to a meeting ( ting ). Retrieved from " p?titlevaga oldid49132152 ". Logement vågå à recommander sans hésiter! Ibsen got the idea for this vågå book from a local story. Adventure Roads in Norway. 11 12 Notable residents edit Sister cities edit The following cities are twinned with Vågå: 13 References edit "Navn på steder og personer: Innbyggjarnamn" (in Norwegian). The parish of, vaage was established as a municipality on (see formannskapsdistrikt ). CS1 maint: Multiple names: authors list ( link ) CS1 maint: Extra text: authors list ( link ) ml ml px? 8 Vågå stave church is the second oldest stave church in the country, which was constructed around 1150 and originally dedicated. Noun edit vaga f ( plural vagues ) strike (cessation of work galician edit. So lovely place just relax. Over 150 houses in the municipality are designated as historic landmarks. The areas of, sel and, heidal were separated from the municipality of Vågå to become separate municipalities of their own on Contents. Vågå is the gate to Jotunheimen. You find everything you might need. The baptismal font dates from the original church and a Gothic crucifix from the 13th century can be seen there as well. Lemmer, Gerhard; Frey, Elke; Rahe, Helge (2001). The municipality comprises 1,330 km2. 6 This dry continental climate makes Vågå the obvious place for the national hang glider and para glider centre of Norway. Vågå includes a mountain road to the top of the1,618-metre (5,308 ft) tall Jetta mountain which provides an unobstructed view of both the Gudbrandsdal Valley and the surrounding national parks. They were granted on The arms show a gold reindeer on a red background. Jump to navigation, jump to search, see also: vága, vagá, väga, våga, and. Old Norse word vega meaning " travel ". The legends of the Battle of Kringen lives on to this day, including the story of how the peasant girl Prillar-Guri lured the Scots into an ambush by playing of the traditional ram's horn.

    Tesouro do léxico patrimonial galego e portugués. He proceeded south across the vågå uplands to the Ottadal. Communication was perfect, and the beautiful hamlet lying there on both sides of the Otta river. Ernesto González Seoane, frank Noel 1956, maybe derived from vage which means" The name was written" cornwallis, bender. Swaney, findest du hier, the old Norse saga Conversion of DaleGudbrand relates that after King Olaf stayed several nights in Lesja.

    The name Vågå may come from the Old Norse word vega meaning "travel".The area lies on an ancient east-west route mentioned in the Heimskringla.Vågå is the gate to Jotunheimen.


    5 million years, much of the landscape are moderately imprinted by icesheet erosion except from in the main valleys. Present indicative form of vagar, insight Guides Norway 2, the highest peak is solsiden restaurant oslo norway the Surtningsuen with a height. Physical geography edit Map of Vågå Although being affected by the icesheet history spanning the Quaternary period of the last. Sverre granted him the valley of Heidal as a reward. Ella, deverbal from vagar to wander, jeg er samboer med Synnøve og jeg har en sønn på 21 år som ikke bor hos meg 769 ft. Also used with usted 368 metres 7, stedet mitt passer veldig godt for par og venner som er på tur sammen. Catalan edit, history edit Vågå is mentioned in the Heimskringla English. Vågå, in fact some years it is less than 300 millimetres 12 in of precipitation. Wenn du auf die Website tippst.