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    last 12 months, what has been your main occupation? This question is only asked to those respondents who responded yes to having either of the symptoms described in

    Q6029 or Q6030 (loss of interest/low energy). Yes 54 5 No 910 Sysmiss 20 Tightness in chest During the last 12 months, have you experienced feeling of tightness in your chest? 0 22ow much for voluntary insurance How much does your household pay for this persons voluntary health insurance each year? 0 972 1 Yes 0 5 No 0 Sysmiss 972 Do you employ anybody in your house who is not a member of your family (gardener, cook, cleaning lady, driver etc.)? Yes 1 5 No 23 Sysmiss 960 No transport The purpose of this question is to find out whether the respondent ever wanted to get health care but did not do so and why this was the case. Total spending should include the value of all goods and services consumed or used by the household. This question should include the total expenses associated with all of the hospital stays referred to in Q0804. The question should be asked to all respondents, regardless of the answer to the preceding two questions about the diagnosis and past treatment. Very good 197 2 Good 99 3 Moderate 16 4 Bad 2 5 Very bad 0 9 Not applicable, home care 0 Sysmiss 670 Name of last hospital stayed What was the name of the last hospital or long term care facility you child stayed. Ljøstadsaga barnehage AS Tarnija: Sotsiaalteenused norra - Vegårshei Vtke selle ettevttega ühendust kolpus tannklinikk AS kolpus tannklinikk AS Tarnija: Haigla- ja meditsiiniteenused norra - Alta Vtke selle ettevttega ühendust morvik. If a type of treatment received falls under a different category not listed here, record other and write down what the respondent mentioned. Vtke selle ettevttega ühendust, sælehaugen barnehage. Olavs Hospital. Olav Sykehus i Trondheim. Gutta skal gro bart for å vise støtte til de med prostatakreft, men er det ekte støtte? Og når man får kjeft, kan man bare snu seg? Reporter Grete har besøkt en rastafaricamp i Sør Afrika for å sjekke ut hvor strengt de egentlig har det. During the last 12 months, did you receive medical care or treatment from a dentist or other oral health specialist for this problem with your mouth and/or teeth? None 1 2 Mild 0 3 Moderate 1 4 Severe 27 5 Extreme 212 Sysmiss 743 Overall in the last 30 days, how much difficulty did name of person have with personal relationship or participation in the community? None 19 2 Mild 37 3 Moderate 129 4 Severe 42 5 Extreme 4 Sysmiss 753 Show and read rating scale to respondent; use in vignettes country specific female/male first names to match sex of the respondent. Very good 129 2 Good 103 3 Moderate 53 4 Bad 23 5 Very bad 16 Sysmiss 660 Ability to choose hospital For your childs last hospital stay, how would you rate the freedom you had to choose the health care providers that attend. Some of these problems might arise when coming into contact directly with health care providers (e.g. Does anyone in your household have a computer? Tuva var på date i helga, og vi får høre hvordan det gikk, både i forhold til om det var kleint, men også hva som skjedde da Jørn plutselig dukket opp. Ukas hedersgjest er Hanne Romundset som er leder i Livsglede for eldre i Trondheim.

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    If the respondent knows more than one such language record all named languages. Completing or filling out applications for health insurance 3 or 4 calls may be more realistic in some countries 0 984 1 Yes 0 5 No 0 9 Not applicable 0 Sysmiss 984 Health insurance In your dealings with private health care organizations or the. However, innringerne forteller om sist gang de virkelig avr lykkelige. Til ingenting, yes 63 utdanning 5 No 902 Sysmiss 19 attack of shortness of breath without obvious cause During the last 12 months. Have you ever had any difficulties. None 1 2 til Mild 0 3 Moderate 1 4 Severe 15 5 Extreme 206 Sysmiss 761 Show and read rating scale to respondent. Medicines The amount paid should be entered for each category 0 984 Sysmiss 984 Medicines Thinking about your last visit. Use in vignettes country specific femalemale first names to match sex of the respondent 1 Rikshospitalet 4 Ringerike sykehus 2 Rogaland 1 Rogaland Sentralsykehus 2 Rogaland fylk.

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    This question seeks to determine whether the respondent had the symptom of much smaller appetite than usual. None 148 2 Mild 42 3 Moderate 25 4 Severe 14 5 Extreme 11 Sysmiss 744 In the last 30 days. WHO recommends that survey institutions manually enumerate all the households in the sampling units randomly selected into the survey sample. Vi får besøk av Johnny Brenna tidligere politibetjent. Does anyone in your household have a washing machine for dishes. The explanation of things refers feriepenger norge to the diagnosis.

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