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    currently no cure for type 2 diabetes, the condition can be managed through lifestyle modifications and medication. Increased pressure in the eye (glaucoma) is also more common in

    people with diabetes and can usually be treated. Type 2 diabetes is a progressive condition, meaning that the longer someone has it, the more help they will need to manage blood glucose levels. Metformin is generally recommended as a first line treatment as there is some evidence that it decreases mortality; 7 24 90 however, this conclusion is questioned. Type 2 diabetes is much more common than type 1 diabetes. Basic Skills in Interpreting Laboratory Data (5th.). As a result of this insulin resistance, the pancreas responds by producing greater and greater amounts of insulin, to try and achieve some degree of management of the blood glucose levels. 36 Genetics Main article: Genetic causes of diabetes mellitus type 2 Most cases of diabetes involve many genes, with each being a small contributor to an increased probability of becoming a type 2 diabetic. "The role of testosterone in the metabolic syndrome: a review".

    Quot; treatment of periodontal disease for glycaemic control in people with diabetes mellitu" An EvidenceBased Medicine Approach to Antihyperglycemic Therapy in Diabetes Mellitus to Overcome Overtreatmen" Diagnosis of Diabetes and Prediabete" consumption of sugarsweetened drinks in excess is associated with an increased risk. quot; initially 36 Suppl 3, l PM Jun 2012, causes. Some people with type 2 diabetes do not have any symptoms if the glucose level is not too high. Type 2 diabetes can often be managed with healthy eating and regular physical activity. quot;103 It is recommended that this option be considered in those who are unable to get both their weight and blood sugar under control. Or, frequency, s10005, draft Recommendation Statement Screening for Abnormal Glucose and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitu" Archived from the original on b c d e"53 Screening No major organization recommends universal screening for diabetes as there is no evidence that such a program improve outcomes. The causes rognbollesuppe of type 2 diabetes are complex.

    Over 400 people are diagnosed with diabetes in UK every day.Mellitus (also known as ) is a long-term metabolic disorder that is characterized by high blood sugar, insulin resistance, and relative lack of insulin.

    10 pytagoras Diabetes mellitus type kaninmaske 2 is characterized by high blood glucose in the context of insulin resistance and relative insulin deficiency. quot; and microvascular events in type 2 diabetes. Bethel, a b"11 Diabetes is common both in the developed and the developing world. Cardiovascular death, exercise or exercise and diet for preventing type 2 diabetes mellitu" The Effect of Improved Serum 25Hydroxyvitamin D Status on Glycemic Control in Diabetic Patients. Metaanalysis of randomised controlled trial""" The management of type 2 diabete" Metformin monotherapy for type 2 diabetes mellitu" Effect of intensive glucose lowering treatment on all cause mortality 34 A lack of exercise is believed to cause 7 of cases. Longterm complications If your blood glucose level is higher than normal over a long period of time 68 While low vitamin D levels are associated with an increased risk of diabetes. Correcting the levels by supplementing vitamin D3 does not improve that risk.

    24 Most people do not initially need insulin.Frachetti, KJ; Goldfine, AB (April 2009).